Stumpwater is proud to have helped various individuals and small businesses through the years. Well before our company was organized in 2021, we supplied assistance under another business entity.

As a rule, we do not name our clients. Instead, if you are interested in working with us, we will share contact information for three customers. We respect our clients’ privacy and endeavor to protect our competitive stance.

Client No. 1 – Independent Contractor

Our Raleigh client needed help with updating his website, as he sought to give customers the details they sought. This client already had numerous pictures of various projects completed or in progress. We added captions, tweaked verbiage, and included keywords to help his site’s reach. At present, we’re advising on marketing strategies, improving his search engine results pages (SERPs), and adding fresh content.

Client No. 2 – Lifestyle Sites

We worked with a Richmond, Virginia, company to improve the visibility of several of his websites. This included writing daily content for one blog initially, then two before adding text to several of his other holdings. Through careful keyword mining and smart linking strategies, we helped this client maintain his position in a very competitive environment.

Client No. 3 – Content Producers

One of our largest clients is a West Coast-based company best known for producing content. This company leads in connecting YouTube creators and amplifying their videos. In turn, tens of millions of viewers have tuned in. This company also works with businesses across multiple spectrums to enhance their written content. Our role was simply to build out the content for each site with stories that were original, unique, and interesting.

Client No. 4 – Energy Training

Our Charlotte-based client offers training to individuals who protect and serve in the energy sector. These individuals must go through specialized training and accreditation. We developed related marketing material and improved the syllabus to enhance the program. Also advised the stakeholders on how best to share their story across a variety of mediums.

Your Story

What is your story? How can we help you succeed? Please reach out to us to discuss your needs. We will develop a personalized game plan to support your business and achieve its goals.