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Before you race over to your Merriam-Webster dictionary to look up “stumpwater,” we will save you the trouble. The word does not exist. At least not according to the linguistic experts. Furthermore, neither the Cambridge, MacMillian nor the Free Dictionary dictionaries feature this word or words, depending on how it is written.

Head to the user-contributed “Urban Dictionary” and you will find a description for “stump water.” The most popular meaning is “a nasty tasting beer or other liquor.” Also, this comment: “In a sense that most liquor is brewed just like stump water brews in a stump making it stagnant.” Flattering? Not at all.

Our research indicates “stump water” is very much a southern U.S. expression. Some call it “hooch,” a slang term for moonshine or bootleg alcohol. More recently, the name has described a folk-pop group, a country song, and a camp in Tennessee. Sometimes, it represents an alcohol-derived concoction brewed in the stump of a tree. It may taste nasty, but we have heard it also holds the cure for warts.

For us, we take a whimsical approach to defining stumpwater. We know many Americans work hard and that is always the right approach. At the same time, reaching your goals and enjoying much-deserved downtime is the way to recharge.

At Stumpwater, we will work hard for you. This means you can concentrate on running your business and enjoy the fruit of your labor. And when it comes time to rest, you will know that we have your back, which will allow you to strike the right balance between work and downtime. Welcome!