Stumpwater Media Group is a North Carolina-registered limited liability company launched in May 2021. Founded and owned by Matthew C. Keegan, the business manages web properties and domains owned by the LLC.

In addition to managing company-owned publications, Matt syndicates a weekly auto review column. Matt is also a long-time contributor to various web entities, each specializing in the automotive sector.

Besides the company-owned properties, syndication, and other writing enterprises, Stumpwater assists small businesses and individuals in the following areas:

Website building and updating

Business planning and development

Internships and mentoring

Social media strategy

Public relations

Media relations

Matt has nearly four decades of experience in managing a non-profit, technical writing, freelance writing, and business management. He combines a business approach with a personal touch to deliver a skillset sorely lacking in today’s global environment.

Please contact us at mattkeegan@stumpwater.com for more information.